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UK Incorporation

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Bank Accounts

list Do I need to be present ?

- UK Bank: presence is mandatory        

- Most of the Offshore Banks presence is not required

list What are the required documents ?

Duly Certify in English valid :

- Copy passport

- Utility Bill (no older than 3 months)

- Bank reference letter

list How long does it take to open account ?

- 1 to 2 weeks

list Do they have currency accounts ?


list Do they have Card for the different currency ?

-UK Bank – no , only for GBP account

-Most of the offshore banks have cards for different currency

list Does account have a Sort code and account number ?

Yes, UK Bank has

list Does Debit/Credit Card has a Sort Code and Account number ?

Yes, UK Bank has

list What is the minimum deposit required ?

UK Bank, no minimum deposit required but recommended to deposit from £100-£300

list What type of cards ?

Visa Debit card

list Cash withdrawal limit ?

UK Bank : £750 /day

list Limit on the Internet Transfer ?

UK Bank no limit

list Can one company open 2 Euro accounts for each beneficiary ?


list Can one company open 3 bank accounts with different beneficial owners ?

Yes, 3 accounts can have different signatory but the full KYC of the Beneficial Owners need to be presented to each Bank.


list Is it necessary to come to the UK to open a UK company ?

No, it's not.

Legalisation and Apostile

list What is the legalisation of a document?

The legalization is the process of authenticating or certifying a legal document in order for a foreign country's legal system to recognize it as valid and with full legal effect. You get a UK public document ‘legalised’ by asking the UK government to confirm that a UK public official’s signature, seal or stamp on the document is genuine.

list What is the apostille and how is related to legalisation?

The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents has supplanted legalization as the default procedure by a system of apostille. You can have the apostille if both the origin country of the document and the destination country are party to the treaty. The apostille itself is a stamp on which standard validating information is supplied. It is available from the competent authority of the origin country. Often the document has to be notarized before it can be apostilled.

list Do I need a UK apostille in the UK?

If you document was created or issued in the UK then it will be accepted in the UK without the apostille. It is not necessary to legalise UK documents unless you are using them outside of the UK.

list Which are the documents that can be legalised?

The Authorities can legalise most UK documents if they bear an original signature, seal or stamp from a UK public organisation or official. A UK document is a document originated or executed in the UK. The certification made by a solicitor or a notary must state clearly what exactly it is they are certifying in relation to the document. They must sign with their own name and not use a company signature and they must clearly print their name and their firm's name under the signature.

Below you can find a short list of all the documents that can be legalized: 

- Government Documents such as visa, passport copies, naturalization certificate, customs certificate, birth certificate etc.

- Corporate Documents such as letters of incorporation, company house documents, certification of incorporation etc.

- Bank Documents such as statements of accounts, deed of sale, mortgage certificate or any real estate related documents, etc.

- Civil Documents marriage certificates, civil union certificates, separation documents etc.

- Religious Documents

- Medical Documents such as medical reports, doctor prescriptions, medical records, sick note etc.

- Educational Documents such as certification from the school attended, diploma, transcript of records, certification of completion etc.

- Personal Documents such as employment certificates, last will and testament, utility bills among others.


list How long does it take to have a document legalised?

We can provide the legalisation of a notarised/original document in 1 working day (from the date we receive the document itself). If the notarisation is needed, we can provide all services in 6 working days.

UK companies

list How long after can a Uk company be restored?

The Companies Act 2006 set a limit of no more than 6 years for a company dissolved after 1st October 2009 to be restored to the register at Companies House.

For companies struck off prior to 1st October 2009, the deadline is the earlier date of 30th September 2015 or 20 years. This means that some restorations may no longer be possible.

list Can someone use a non UK entity [an entity in a low tax or zero tax jurisdiction] to buy a UK property?

Yes they can. What are the tax implication when:

1. Receiving rent from the property ?
The rental income would be subject to 20% withholding tax unless the company files an election to receive the income gross. It would need to file a tax return to obtain relief for expenses of the letting.

2. Selling the property with a gain?
The gain would be exempt unless the property is valued at more than £2M. If it is the company would be subject to CGT. Even if the company is exempt any UK resident shareholders would be attributed gains in the company and could be taxed.

Is it similar for a UK resident and a non Uk resident person?
As above a non resident shareholder would be exempt from CGT on the gain (assuming they meet the 5 year non residence requirement). A UK resident shareholder (owning more than 25% of the shares) could be attributed the gains.

list What are the requirements to incorporate in the UK ?

- Have at least 1 director

- Have at least 1 shareholder

- Local registered address

- Minimum 1 share

- Annual accounts to be prepared and filed

list What is the difference between a UK limited company and a UK agency ?

A UK limited company is an independent entity whereas the UK agency is a structure formed to act as an agent for an offshore company.

list Can I open a UK company even if I am not a UK resident ?

Yes, you can.

list What is the minimum share capital to open a UK company ?

A minimum authorised share capital of £ 1 or its currency equivalent.


list What is a private limited company limited by shares?

A private company limited by shares is a company that has shareholders with limited liability and shares that cannot be offered to the general public. Limited by shares means that the liability of the shareholders is limited to the capital they originally invested. This means that in case of insolvency of the company, the shareholders' private assets are protected but the money he invested at the beginning will be lost.

list What is a private limited company limited by guarantee?

A private company limited by guarantee is en entity used mostly for non profit organisations. This entity does not usually have a share capital or any shareholder, but has members who act as guarantors. At the incorporation or when a member is added, he has to indicate an amount (amount guaranteed) he will be liable for. The guarantee is legally binding while the guarantor remains a member and for one year after he or she ceases to be a member.

list Which are the information needed for the incorporation?

To incorporate a private company limited by shares you will need

  • Registered address in the UK (no PO BOX accepted)
  • Details of a physical people that will act as director and/or as shareholder. 1 director and 1 shareholder are mandatory, and at least 1 director has to be a physical person
  • Number of shares to be issued: the company can be created with any number of shares, for any amount, in any currency.

To incorporate  a private company limited by guarantee you will need

  • Registered address in the UK (no PO BOX accepted)
  • Details of a physical person that will act as director. At least 1 director is mandatory
  • Details about the members and the amount guaranteed for each of them.
list Do the officers of the company need to be UK resident?

No, the officers can be worldwide resident. Usually the company will be UK tax resident independently from where the officers are based and from where the business is taking place.

list Can I choose any name for my company?

You can choose any name for your company, but there are two conditions. First there are some restricted words that either cannot be used or will need a support document explaining why the word is needed in the company name.The Authorities will then decide if allow this or not. Second the company name must not be used by another entity. The first step of the incorporation process is usually the name check, that allows to know if the chosen name is available.

list Can I issue any more shares after the incorporation?

Yes, it is possible to allocate more shares at any time.

list What do I have to do to dissolve my company ?

Dissolution of company means that you have stopped trading and the steps are:

- You close your company bank accounts

- The last accounts to be filed with Companies House and HMRC

- Any taxes owed, are paid

- Fill and send the striking off application


list Do I need a VAT number for UK companies?

Yes, if your sales in 12 consecutive month is or will be £81 000 and over, the company will have to be registered for VAT.

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