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  • 3-Hour Online Formation
  • Full trading limited company
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  • 3-Hour Online Formation
  • Full trading limited company
  • Appointment of your official
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  • 3-Hour Online Formation
  • Full trading limited company
  • Appointment of your official
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  • Registered office
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GR Morgan Formations did a great job after taking over the administration of my UK company. Now company accounts, annual return and VAT are up to date and they do a follow and inform me well in advance about all the deadline and take care of the filing etc. Thanks

Date : 01/23/2014
Author : Giancarlo - Italy

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One Stop Solution for Tax and Accounting Services

Every organization needs to regulate its accounting department. We are specialized in offering top quality statutory accounting work for every type of business in the UK including limited companies, PLCs and LLPs. Having a team of highly experienced accountants and bookkeepers, we assure on time and quality accounting services. Every UK limited liability company is welcomed by us. We help them out to file accounts in Statutory Format with Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs. We understand how much it is important for organizations to submit tax and VAT calculation on time. We even provide guidelines to company’s directors on accounting.

Statutory Final Accounts
Bookkeeping £ 700.00 add to cart
Accountancy and Auditing for Mauritius GBC 1 £ 1750.00 add to cart
UK Company Dormant Accounts £ 125.00 add to cart
Non Trading Accounts £ 300.00 add to cart
Final Accounts - When we are doing your book keeping. £ 600.00 add to cart
Final Account - when we are not doing your book keeping £ 700.00 add to cart

Our service is quick, on time and uncompromised; it allows to present year end statutory accounts including:

  • Trading Accounts
  • Dormant Accounts
  • Non Trading Accounts


Every UK limited liability company has to prepare account calculation as per the statutory format which is filed with Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs in the given deadline.

Let’s understand about the due date of the statutory accounts with an example

Mr X established a limited company in 01/01/14. The company accounting period will be from 01/01/14 to 31/12/14. Here is a detail for better understanding:

It is a must to clear the corporate tax within 9 months and 1 day deadline period of accounting.

File accounting with Companies House that should be by the end of 9 months.

File accounts with Inland Revenue before the end of 12 months, all should be carried out before the end of the accounting period.

When preparing your final statutory accounts

  • Summary of Sales invoices, purchase invoices and expense invoices like rent, telephone bills, salary etc…
  • Any agreement, contract or document relevant to the preparation of the accounts.
  • Relevant accounting duration bank statements.
  • Company statutory information like memorandum, certificate of corporation etc.


Why is it important to prepare accounting information?

It is essential to receive the accounting information without any delay so that an effective work plan can be made and have got adequate time for preparing the account, fairly this is able to give profits to the company’s director and beneficial owners and late fine related issues will not develop.

We are a leading company formation agency, expert in providing on time accounting work and keen on maintaining our reputation with clients for fair and accurate accounting. While preparing your accounting we ensure to get the account information 4 months before the filing deadline with Inland Revenue. Our duty is to provide on time work. If you fail to provide the accounting information in the given deadline we will not be responsible for any penalty that your organization will incur. If you wish to get more information on the matter, feel free to contact us. We will help you out at our best.

The clients who are looking for our top quality bookkeeping service (where we get all invoices without summary), are advised to provide the information at least 5 months before the Inland Revenue submission deadline. We will not be responsible in case you get late in filing.

What is associated with our fees?

  • Preparation of draft accounts to be approved by the board of directors
  • After the approval we send the board the following documents
  • One abbreviated set of accounts
  • One full set of accounts
  • CT 600
  • Representation letter
  • Minutes from the shareholders and the director
  • Letter of engagement and 64-8 if we have not already done them
  • Help you to a great extent to file the signed copy with Companies House and Inland Revenue after receiving it back