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Dziekuje GR Morgan Formations za pomoc w przywroceniu mojej firmy i prowadzeniu  mojej administracji.  Teraz sprawozdania finansowe, declaracje Vat so zlozone na czas ai nie musze sie juz wiecej  martwic o zadne terminy czy kary.
Date : 05/12/2014
Author : Monica - Warszawa

Grazie a GR Morgan Formations ho un ottimo punto di riferimento in Inghilterra; informazioni, efficienza, aggiornamenti e suggerimenti non sono piu’ difficili da trovare.
Date : 03/10/2014
Author : Rebecca - Italy

Da poco ho registrato la mia societa UK con GR Morgan Formations. Ottimo servizio, puntuale e preciso, tutta la documentazione e le informazioni sono chiare e trasparenti.
Date : 01/22/2014
Author : Enrico - Italy

Lo staff di GR Morgan Formations si e’ preso cura del take over della mia societa’: le comunicazioni ora sono puntuali ed efficaci e tutte le procedure vengono espletate in tempo.
Date : 05/05/2014
Author : Francesco - Italy

GR Morgan Formations mi ha aiutato a creare la mia societa’, ad ottenere la partita IVA e i certificati necessari in tempo utile per la stipula dei miei contratti e ad un prezzo concorrenziale.
Date : 02/12/2014
Author : Daniele - Italy

Meler prix competitifs et professionalisme me paraissait impossible jusqu'a ce que je rencontre GR Morgan Formations. Merci a vous.
Date : 12/11/2013
Author : Nathalie - Marseille (France)

Merci a toute l equipe pour leur travail !
Date : 02/13/2014
Author : Philippe - Lyon (France)

Je tiens a remercier l'equipe de GR Morgan Formations pour la qualite de leurs services ainsi que leur professionalisme.
Date : 11/21/2013
Author : Marie - Paris (France)

I appreciate the effort that GR Morgan Formations did to complete my statutory accounts on time to avoid paying late filing penalty.
Date : 04/28/2014
Author : Thierry - Paris (France)

GR Morgan Formations did a great job after taking over the administration of my UK company. Now company accounts, annual return and VAT are up to date and they do a follow and inform me well in advance about all the deadline and take care of the filing etc. Thanks
Date : 01/23/2014
Author : Giancarlo - Italy

Thank for completing my personal tax at a very competitive rate.
Date : 05/08/2014
Author : Terrence - Surrey, UK

Thank to GR Morgan Formations to make this whole process easy. Being a foreigner who don't understand much about UK rules for incorporation you have made this whole incorporation effortless and simple.
Date : 04/18/2014
Author : Ivan - Russia

I appreciate a lot the service provided by GR Morgan Formations. That means I appreciate the people providing these services, their high level of professionalism and they are very reactive when I need some support.
Date : 04/10/2014
Author : Robert - France

After living a nightmare with another provider I was so lucky finding GR Morgan Formations. as they helped me a lot providing me not only the structure I was looking for but also fixing problems I had with the other providers. I wasted a lot of time and money with other providers, I strongly recommend any one looking for offshore structures and company formations that contact GR Morgan Formations in order to have all things done clearly, correctly, legally and on time. The staff is so nice, always ready to help you and informing you about the status on each stage. I will definitely keep working with GR Morgan Formations
Date : 01/03/2014
Author : Juan - Spain

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GR Morgan Formation


Offshore Bank Account


Setting-Up an Offshore Bank Account Bank Account in Mauritius, Belize, BVI or Seychelles

GR MORGAN FORMATIONS is able to assist you in the opening of an offshore account for your IBC offshore Banks in Seychelles, BVI, Belize and Mauritius for commercial and investment purposes. The bank offers to its clients' multicurrency offshore accounts, with secure on-line operation facilities.

Offshore Bank AccountOffshore Bank Account in London, UK

  • Incorporation
  • Registered agent for 1 year
  • Assistance in Bank account opening
  • Nominee Secretary for 1 year
  • Nominee Director
  • Nominee Shareholder

£ 450.00 / Year


Open a bank account in Mauritius: You can open a business account in Mauritius whether you are a resident or a non-resident. The documents required to open a bank account in Mauritius will include; bank application form, certified copy of ID, bank references on the signatories, verification of residential address (utility bill, credit card statement) and CV of signatories. Along with these documents and certified copies of your incorporation documents sent to the bank will usually be enough to have the account opened. Minor variations will occur depending on the choice of bank. We will inform you of the exact requirements. All the banks that we represent provide internet banking, wire transfers and debit cards. The accounts can also be operated via phone or fax. Accounts can be opened in the main foreign currencies such as GBP, EUR and USD.

Open a bank account in Belize: Belize has got a long tradition of opening offshore bank accounts. Belize is well known for the quality of offshore banking services. Currently, the local banks became harder to approach. Hopefully, we work with the largest banks in the Islands to open your personal bank account, corporate bank account with a dedicated support from the director of the bank. For handling with your bank account, we charge a onetime set-up fee. No hidden fee unless local rules change.

Open a bank account in the BVI: BVI has a strong and dynamic banking sector, with modern international banking services available. The most prominent commercial banks operating in the British Virgin Islands are the First Caribbean International Bank, FirstBank BVI and VP Bank (BVI). In particular, the bank will need to know and identify the actual beneficial owner(s) of the offshore company. All such persons, as well as everyone who will be granted account signatory rights, will have to be properly identified and will have to provide a number of documents - such as a certified passport copy, two proof of address, a bankers and/or professional reference, a detailed business description and a cashflow forecast. (These documentary requirements may vary.)The standard set of IBC documentation (if properly certified by notary and legalised by apostille) will usually correspond to all formal requirements of most banks, as far as the internal structure and set-up of the company itself is concerned. However, as indicated above, in order to open a bank account for an offshore company, the most important aspect is that of the actual owners and controllers of the company, its business and manner of operation.

Open a bank account in Seychelles : The most prominent commercial bank operating in Seychelles is Barclays Bank. For the bank account opening procedure for offshore companies, all banks will need a full set of personal and business information and documents for the owners and the controllers of the company. The beneficial owner of the company and all other people who will have signatory rights on the account need to be identified and will have to provide some documents such  as bank/professional reference letter, certified passport and proof of address, detailed business plan and business activities description, including a forecast regarding the expected cashflow. We can assist/guide you with all the preparations.



Open a bank account in Cayman Islands: banks in the Cayman Islands offer a range of accounts to suit your needs and meet your corporate banking requirements. We work with top licensed commercial banks. With proper KYC in place, a new bank account for a client can be opened very quickly and the benefits include international payments with immediate funds transfer, latest security software and invoices payment any time through the online banking system.

Open a bank account in Panama: Panama is well known for its excellent International Banking facilities which allow the quick and safe opening of a Foreign or Local Bank Account, we can assist you in the process of opening offshore bank accounts in banking institutions of well know prestige. The wide ranging services provided encompass: international wire transfers via Swift, internet banking and international prepaid cards (VISA and Mastercard).

Please feel free to contact us with more detailed information on your banking requirements and we just might be able to suggest you a suitable bank.