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Telephone and Fax Services

Telephone and Fax services UK

There will be times when you will be unable to get to the phone, whether in meetings, travelling or focused on hitting a key deadline, but do not want to disregard the flow of incoming calls. It is imperative that your calls are handled in the right way; after all, our receptionists are the first port of call for your company. GR MORGAN FORMATIONS understands this, so we make sure that our receptionists are highly skilled and trained to handle calls on behalf of your organisation, relieving the pressure and enabling you to get the job done.

Telephone and Fax

  • Personalised number (0207256..)
  • Professional call answering in your company name
  • Message kept and emailed or faxed to you instantly
  • A Fax number
  • Fax sorting and forwarding

From £475.00/Year


Your call answering service will be by one of highly trained receptionists to give you a very professional appearance. We can screen calls if requested to limit potential wasted time and nuisance calls, and divert your callers to whatever number you require. We will also handle all your faxes to ensure you can focus on your daily business activities.

How it works

Calls are answered in Your Company Name and details of the caller made available to you by a number of contact mediums including, email and fax. The Call Centres are available to our clients and operate during local business hours.

If you decide to use a Personalised Telephone Answering Service you are allocated a Dedicated number (0207256 ....) which is for your company alone for the duration that you are a client of the company. If you select the fax service any faxes that arrive for you will be converted into PDF format and emailed to the email address you supply.

All Dedicated lines are answered live and any calls that come through for each company are answered in the correct company name and personalised way depending on your instructions in a confident and competent manner by our staff. The two options normally available for call handling are to either patch the call through to a number supplied by you (either land line or mobile) or to take contact details and a message down and email the message to you instantly.

Some of the most advantageous aspects of utilising a Personalised Telephone Answering Service is the reassurance and knowledge that your telephone calls will always be answered. Unanswered calls can equal lost business. This is particularly pertinent if you are just starting out as a new business. Another advantage is that you lower your overhead costs by not having to employ a full time receptionist.

If you have taken advantage of one of our Mailing Address services in the UK then a relevant telephone prefix for your business telephone number is ideal. It gives the impression that you are physically trading from the address your mail is being delivered to and having those contact details on your stationery is an added bonus to establishing you as professional company.