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  • 3-Hour Online Formation
  • Full trading limited company
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  • 3-Hour Online Formation
  • Full trading limited company
  • Appointment of your official
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  • 3-Hour Online Formation
  • Full trading limited company
  • Appointment of your official
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Meler prix competitifs et professionalisme me paraissait impossible jusqu'a ce que je rencontre GR Morgan Formations. Merci a vous.

Date : 12/11/2013
Author : Nathalie - Marseille (France)

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GR Morgan Formation

GR MORGAN FORMATIONS - Company Registration
Company Formation Agent & Business Start up Specialists


Company Formation in London, UK

GR MORGAN FORMATIONS is a company formation agent based in London with several associated company incorporation agents located all around the world. Our team of multilingual professionals consists of qualified accountants, business consultants and lawyers willing to support you by offering the high quality service you would expect for your business. Our mission is to guide you through this highly dynamic environment in order for you to succeed. On our website you can register a company today starting by our UK company name search connected to the UK Companies House database that will ensure the name you have chosen is available and allows the online company registration. Creating an offshore or a company in the United Kingdom could not be simpler; we have designed our website to facilitate you along all the stages.

GR MORGAN FORMATIONS will assist you with your UK company registration: from selecting the most suitable entity form to the completion of the documentation with the Companies House and providing a company number. A full-serviced online company formation process, secure and confidential.



UK company formation: Private Limited Companies (LTDs), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), Public Limited Companies (PLCs), Holdings, UK Agencies, Branches, UK Subsidiary and Readymade Companies.  

Company incorporation: BVI offshore, Belize Offshore, Mauritius Offshore GBC 1 and GBC 2, Seychelles offshore. 

Business Start up services: opening of UK and offshore bank accounts, nominee services, secretarial support, registered office address, mail forwarding, telephone and fax reception, full virtual office, Apostille and notary services.

Starting-Up A Business: Same Day Company Formation & Online Business Incorporation In The UK


UK Private Limited Companies (Ltd) : can be limited by share or by guarantee. A UK Ltd is a respected and well recognized entity worldwide and therefore it gives your business the prestige and respect it deserves. Our team can assist you from the very beginning also with the creation of dormant companies generally useful either for name reservation or for a future usage. Follow our simple and user-friendly online guide for setting up a UK Limited Company today or contact our helpful business consultants.

UK Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP): it is comparable to the standard partnerships where the members share the risk, reward and responsibilities of the business. However in a limited liability partnership in the United Kingdom, the liability is limited to the amount of money the “members” have invested in and to any personal guarantees directly to them. This implies that the members are protected in some way if the business does not perform. An LLP does not have a share capital or a set of memorandum and articles of association; it can opt to draw up a partnership agreement that ties all the members. The documents are not required to be sent to the Companies House and as such not available to the public. At GR Morgan Formations, we can provide you with a tailor made agreement according to your requirements. LLPs are common amongst professional practices such as lawyers, accountants and architects.

UK Public Limited Companies (PLC): one of the most prestigious types of entity available in the United Kingdom; it is allowed to offer its shares to the public through floatation on the London Stock Exchange or the Alternative investments Market and must appoint a qualified secretary. The share capital must be at least £50.000, 25% of which must be paid.

UK Agencies: are used as a vehicle to trade on behalf of undisclosed companies based worldwide, mainly offshore. The use of a UK registered company, which pledges a commercial trade agreement with an offshore entity, can allow the benefits of an offshore taxation with an onshore profile. Such structure has been accepted by the UK tax authorities and can be convenient in Europe where trading with offshore companies would be difficult. GR Morgan Formations offers full setup support and a range of related services you may require.

UK Branches: those organizations that wish to expand their business in the United Kingdom but do not intend to establish a new local entity can opt for a branch. Overseas companies conducting activities in the UK can be classified under 2 regimes :
            +A Branch : a local representative of an overseas limited company through which the business is carried on locally.
                +A place of business: an option for entities that cannot register as a branch.

UK Holding Companies: entities that own one or several other companies also called “subsidiaries”. The relationship between the holding company (parent) and the subsidiary companies will be determined by the controlling interest on the board. A UK holding is created primarily for holding shares in other local companies or worldwide. The subsidiaries will pay a dividend to the holding (parent) which will pay the dividends to its ultimate parent.
GR MORGAN FORMATIONS has the right professionals and expertise to help you through the set up and incorporation.

Ready Made Companies: existing complete companies with company number, bank account and VAT number immediately available. Our UK shelf companies have names suitable for any business, the majority of them have never traded while all are handed over with clean financial records.
Their incorporation dates are wide ranging in order to suit best your requirements and encourage your clients and suppliers to deal with a trustworthy and well established business in the United Kingdom.

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