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Dziekuje GR Morgan Formations za pomoc w przywroceniu mojej firmy i prowadzeniu  mojej administracji.  Teraz sprawozdania finansowe, declaracje Vat so zlozone na czas ai nie musze sie juz wiecej  martwic o zadne terminy czy kary.
Date : 05/12/2014
Author : Monica - Warszawa

Grazie a GR Morgan Formations ho un ottimo punto di riferimento in Inghilterra; informazioni, efficienza, aggiornamenti e suggerimenti non sono piu’ difficili da trovare.
Date : 03/10/2014
Author : Rebecca - Italy

Da poco ho registrato la mia societa UK con GR Morgan Formations. Ottimo servizio, puntuale e preciso, tutta la documentazione e le informazioni sono chiare e trasparenti.
Date : 01/22/2014
Author : Enrico - Italy

Lo staff di GR Morgan Formations si e’ preso cura del take over della mia societa’: le comunicazioni ora sono puntuali ed efficaci e tutte le procedure vengono espletate in tempo.
Date : 05/05/2014
Author : Francesco - Italy

GR Morgan Formations mi ha aiutato a creare la mia societa’, ad ottenere la partita IVA e i certificati necessari in tempo utile per la stipula dei miei contratti e ad un prezzo concorrenziale.
Date : 02/12/2014
Author : Daniele - Italy

Meler prix competitifs et professionalisme me paraissait impossible jusqu'a ce que je rencontre GR Morgan Formations. Merci a vous.
Date : 12/11/2013
Author : Nathalie - Marseille (France)

Merci a toute l equipe pour leur travail !
Date : 02/13/2014
Author : Philippe - Lyon (France)

Je tiens a remercier l'equipe de GR Morgan Formations pour la qualite de leurs services ainsi que leur professionalisme.
Date : 11/21/2013
Author : Marie - Paris (France)

I appreciate the effort that GR Morgan Formations did to complete my statutory accounts on time to avoid paying late filing penalty.
Date : 04/28/2014
Author : Thierry - Paris (France)

GR Morgan Formations did a great job after taking over the administration of my UK company. Now company accounts, annual return and VAT are up to date and they do a follow and inform me well in advance about all the deadline and take care of the filing etc. Thanks
Date : 01/23/2014
Author : Giancarlo - Italy

Thank for completing my personal tax at a very competitive rate.
Date : 05/08/2014
Author : Terrence - Surrey, UK

Thank to GR Morgan Formations to make this whole process easy. Being a foreigner who don't understand much about UK rules for incorporation you have made this whole incorporation effortless and simple.
Date : 04/18/2014
Author : Ivan - Russia

I appreciate a lot the service provided by GR Morgan Formations. That means I appreciate the people providing these services, their high level of professionalism and they are very reactive when I need some support.
Date : 04/10/2014
Author : Robert - France

After living a nightmare with another provider I was so lucky finding GR Morgan Formations. as they helped me a lot providing me not only the structure I was looking for but also fixing problems I had with the other providers. I wasted a lot of time and money with other providers, I strongly recommend any one looking for offshore structures and company formations that contact GR Morgan Formations in order to have all things done clearly, correctly, legally and on time. The staff is so nice, always ready to help you and informing you about the status on each stage. I will definitely keep working with GR Morgan Formations
Date : 01/03/2014
Author : Juan - Spain

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GR Morgan Formation


GR MORGAN FORMATIONS - Offshore Company Registration
Company Formation Agent & Business Start up Specialists


ABOUT Offshore Company Formation in London, UK

GR MORGAN FORMATIONS is an online company formation agent based in London and has several associated company formation agents located around the world. Our team of multilingual professional consists of qualified accountants , business consultant and lawyers willing to guide you, offering you high quality of service that you would expect for your businesses. Our goal is to direct you to in this highly dynamic environment in order for your to succeed. With our website you can register a company today, use our UK company name search linked to the UK companies house database to ensure your chosen name is available for online company registration. Creating an offshore or a Uk company could not be simpler; we have designed our website to facilitate you in your offshore and UK creation.

GR MORGAN FORMATIONS will help you with UK company registrations from choosing the best company form for you to completion of all documentation with UK Companies House, getting you a UK company number, complete UK online formation of companies secure, private and confidential.



 UK company formation: UK Limited Company, UK Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Public Limited Company (PLC), UK Holding, Uk Agency, UK Branch, UK Subsidiary and Ready made Companies. 

Offshore Company formation: BVI offshore, Belize Offshore, Mauritius Offshore GBC 1 and GBC 2, Seychelles.

Business Start up services: Opening UK /offshore Bank Accounts, Nominee Services, Secretarial services, Registered office address, Mail forwarding, Telephone and Fax Services, Full Virtual office and Apostile and Notary services.

Accountancy Services: Bookkeeping, Final Account and Tax Computation, VAT, Payroll, Personal Tax.
Starting-Up A Business: Same Day Company Formation & Online Business Incorporation In UK


Uk company/entity can be set up in different category: 

UK Private limited company (Ltd), UK ltd limited companies/entity are limited by share or by guarantee. We assist you right from the start when creating and setting up a Uk Limited Company. A Uk Limited Company (Ltd) is a well respected and well recognized entity worldwide and therefore gives your business the prestige and respect it deserve. Our team can also assist you with the creation of dormant companies either for name reservation or for future usage. Follow our simple and user friendly online guide for setting up a UK Limited Company today or contact our helpful business consultant.

UK Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) : A Limited Liability Partnership is comparable to the usual partnership where the members share the risk,reward and responsibilities of the business. However in a limited liability partnership , the liability is limited to the amount of money the “members” have invested in the and to any personal guarantees directly to them. This implies that the members are protected in some way if the business does not perform. An LLP does not have a share capital and a set of memorandum and article of association. The LLP can opt to have a partnership agreement that tie all the members. The documents is not required to be sent to the companies house and as such not available to the public. At GR Morgan Formations , we can tailor made a LLP agreement for your requirement. LLPs are common amongst professional practices such as lawyers, accountants and architects.

UK Public Limited Company (PLC): Public Limited Company is one of the most prestigious category of entity that one can set up in the UK; the company is allowed to offer its shares to the public through floatation on the London Stock Exchange or the Alternative investments Market. The share capital must be at least £50 000 for a PLC with 25% paid for. At GR Morgan Formations , we can help you with the creation of a UK PLC. A PLC must have a qualified secretary

UK Agency: UK agency companies are offshore use as a vehicle to trade in behalf of undisclosed companies worldwide mainly offshores.The use of a UK registered company, which have a commercial agreement to trade in favour of an offshore company ,allows the benefits of an offshore taxation with an onshore profile. This structure is favourable to use as a European trading structure where trade between offshore companies will not be acceptable. GR Morgan Formation can provide you with the services to set up such structure which has been accepted by the Uk tax Authorities.

UK Branch: Many organizations who wishes to expand their business in the UK but who do not want to set up or create a UK entity can opt for a branch in the UK. In the United Kingdom, there is a transparent and business friendly system which encourage formation of new businesses. Overseas Companies having activities in the UK can be classified under 2 regimes :
                +A Branch : a "branch" is a local representative of an overseas limited company though which they conduct businesses locally.
                +A place of business: A "place of business" is for entities who cannot register as a branch.

UK Holding Companies: A Uk holding is a uk entiry that owns one or several other companies also called its subsidiaries.The relationship the holding company (parent) and the subsidiary companies will be determined by the controlling interest on the board. A Uk holding is an entity created mainly for holding shares in other companies in the UK or worldwide. The subsidiaries will pay a dividend to the UK holding(parent) and the Uk holding will pay dividend to its ultimate parent. GR MORGAN FORMATIONS has the right professionals and expertise to help you to set up your entity.

Ready Made Companies: GR MORGAN FORMATIONS has a list of ready made companies complete with bank accounts and VAT numbers (as per requirement), these companies are available immediately and they provide you with an immediate company number. The UK shelf companies have names that will be suitable for any businesses.Majority of the shalf companies have never traded and others that have traded have a clean financial record.. A shelf company is originally incorporated several years ago and this kind of shelf company (also called Vintage Companies) can be useful when trading as this can give confidence to your clients and suppliers to deal with your company .

GR MORGAN FORMATIONS is also an offshore company service provider. Besides registration and creation of offshore companies ,GR MORGAN FORMATIONS also provide support services that is required for the good standing of the offshore entity.