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Nominee Services for UK companies

Nominee Services for UK companies

GR MORGAN FORMATIONS offers three types of nominees for UK companies:

  • Nominee Director
  • Nominee Shareholder
  • Nominee Company Secretary

The purpose of adopting a nominee is to preserve your anonymity or it can also be to add an officer where the legal compliance requires it. This annual and renewable service can be operated right away upon request at company incorporation or at any time later in the year.

Nominee Services
UK Resident Director £ 750.00
UK Resident Shareholder £ 750.00
Nominee Secretary £ 125.00
Nominee Director for UK Companies £ 270.00
Nominee Director for Offshore Companies £ 250.00
Offshore resident director £ 750.00
Nominee Shareholder for UK Companies £ 270.00
Nominee shareholder for Offshore companies £ 250.00

Nominee Director

In the United Kingdom the company directors’ details are registered at Companies House and available for public. Since this is not required for the beneficial owner, nominee directors can be used to protect the confidentiality of the latter against the public disclosure.
This totally legal arrangement is conceived to assist an individual who does not wish to reveal their association and activity with other collective entities; it implies that the name of the beneficial owner does not appear in the Companies registry ensuring a high level of privacy.
Despite the appointment of nominees, there are conditions that apply and regulate their role: an agreement is signed to ensure that both parties involved are protected and aware that no real authorities and duties are given to the nominee directors.

Nominee Shareholders

The minimum requirement for a UK company is one shareholder whose details are registered and publicly available. A nominee enables the holding of shares keeping their legal ownership on the investors who will then be the beneficial of the profit and capital gains; this is an option also used to support the management of shareholdings.
An agreement will rule the provision of a nominee shareholder guaranteeing that your role as beneficial owner(s) will not be disclosed to the public registry. Furthermore the shares will always be able to be transferred by filling a Share Transfer Form provided by us.

Nominee Company Secretary

The UK company law requires that names and addresses of the company secretary together with directors and shareholders are disclosed to public registry which implies being visible to any individual or corporate body that make a company search.
GR MORGAN FORMATIONS provide you with a nominee secretary service that will allow you to have your company’s statutory books constantly updated and annual returns filed according to the deadline.

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