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Bank account in the United Kingdom

Bank account in the United Kingdom

from £399

Bank account opening in the United Kingdom

Open a bank account in the UK
It is difficult to obtain an exhaustive collection of the contents required to open a bank account in the UK. For this reason when requested as a service we verify the qualified information we have with specialists in the UK who will communicate the details of opening an account.

Bank account

UK Companies
From £399.00

We have experience in opening a bank account in the UK, so we can help you complete the facilities and meet the UK prerequisites. Each country has its own particular rules and regulations regarding opening a bank account and we can provide you with information on what is required. In addition, we will always liaise with the major UK banks to ensure that your business or commercial account opens easily. You can have your business account in major currencies such as GBP, USD and EURO.
Withdrawals and transfers A UK bank will issue a standard UK debit card. This service is free of charge, but remember that banks in the UK have limited opening hours most of the time between 10.00 and 16.00 / 18.00 and the debit card will allow you to withdraw money anywhere in the world.

How can we help you?

  • We organise a meeting with the bank on your behalf or, where possible, through the whole process without your presence
  • Completion of all necessary forms
  • Preparation of the letter from the secretary and accountant
  • Participation in the meeting with the bank where required

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