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Virtual office

Complete and flexible solutions for your virtual office in London. Choosing GR Morgan Formation for your corporate office in the UK not only allows you to be based in a prestigious area of London, but also cuts the costs of running your own office.

Virtual office

from 125.00 £

Virtual office in London: registered office and correspondence

The virtual office is a very advantageous solution for the entrepreneur. It allows your company to have an office without incurring high running costs.

Virtual office in London

GR Morgan Formations offers a comprehensive yet flexible service for your virtual office in London.

L’EC3 Representative office in central London, the EC3

Thanks to our solutions you can have your virtual office in the prestigious EC3 area in the centre of London. The EC3 area is the financial heart of the English capital and is located on the north bank of the Thames, between the iconic London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

London EC3

Receipt and forwarding of official mail (including correspondence from Companies House and HMRC)

From £125.00/year

If you don’t want a physical space but would like a representative office in a reputable location, choosing a virtual office is definitely a solution to consider. Flexible and highly cost-effective, a virtual office provides an address, mail forwarding and telephone answering services under your company name, as well as extensive business support services including secretarial assistance and meeting rooms.


  • Prestigious business location.
  • Flexible and cost-effective corporate service.
  • Access to professional business meeting rooms.
  • Telephone response from experienced professionals./li>.
  • Excellent and fast internet connection.
  • Refreshments such as coffee and tea offered.

What it includes:

  • Legal Address for 1 year
  • Receipt and forwarding of official mail (including correspondence from Companies House and HMRC)

Our team answers telephone calls on your behalf and transfers them immediately to your private number. Mail is forwarded to your business address as soon as it is received by us. We also offer office and meeting room rental services, you can set up your company at a virtual head office address with all the services you need to grow your business.

We will receive your e-mails, phone calls and faxes and handle them according to your instructions, giving you the freedom to improve your productivity. We will provide you with a professional environment in which to meet your customers. You will have complete freedom to consider our workspace as your personal space to use for your business. Save time, join us and feel at home.


List of packages offered by our company to start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Correspondence forwarding

Correspondence forwarding

From £200.00/year

  • Address for receiving mail
  • General and business correspondence
  • Correspondence will be forwarded to you according to your instructions

Telefono & Fax

Telefono e fax

A partire da £ 475.00/anno

  • Personalised number (0207256..)
  • Respond professionally and efficiently on behalf of your company.
  • Receipt of messages and instant communication by email or fax
  • Fax
  • Fax sorting and forwarding

Package B

Registered Office Address + Receipt and Forwarding of Correspondence London Registered

From £300.00/year

Package D

Full Virtual Office

From £745.00/year

  • Address for correspondence
  • Receipt of general and business correspondence
  • Forwarding of correspondence according to your instructions

Services offered

Registered office address

From £125.00/year

Every new business registered in the UK requires by law a registered office address. GR Morgan Formations is ready to help you by providing an address to which all mail will be delivered, at no extra cost. Please note that it is not possible to trade at the registered office. We only dispatch official postal communications such as Inland Revenue or Companies House.

Mail Forwarding

From £125.00/year

Having a business address will help you to create a professional image and help your company to be perceived as bigger than it really is, which could positively affect your business network by enabling connections with larger companies. Operating costs are drastically reduced with no hidden costs.

After joining our service you will be able to use our address as your personal address for all your stationery, website and other materials including marketing and advertising. We also handle your general business e-mails and small parcels that will be forwarded to you by postal fax or e-mail (postage will be charged).

Telephone and fax services

From £125.00/year

All official calls and faxes will be handled by our qualified staff to create a complete professional image. We are also ready to screen calls according to your request in order to save time and divert them to the desired number. Alternatively, the caller’s name, message and contact numbers are stored and forwarded in real time via e-mail. Concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business, we’ll take care of the rest.

Feel free to call us to find out more about virtual office packages and use our simple virtual office navigation.

Virtual office in other jurisdictions

Gr Morgan Formations also offers full support to your company for virtual offices in other jurisdictions. Contact us for more information on our virtual office solutions for start-ups, established companies or individuals.

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