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Commercial intermediation agency

Commercial intermediation agency is an advantageous service for companies wishing to simplify international business operations. Discover the advantages and why you can rely on FidesCorp Limited, the company in our group that deals with international brokering.

Commercial intermediation agency

Consultancy and commercial intermediation in UK (United Kingdom)

Commercial intermediary agency FidesCorp Limited

FidesCorp Limited is part of our group and is our brokerage agency in the UK. Through this company we offer an agent/broker service for your international sales.

What is a commercial agency

If you have a company in an international jurisdiction that is not recognised by the country in which you wish to operate, business operations can be particularly complex. Both in terms of bureaucracy and the disadvantages of withholding taxes.

This is why many companies rely on an international intermediary agency such as FidesCorp Limited. Our task is to act as an intermediary in commercial agreements, simplifying processes and offering tax-advantaged solutions.

How it works and its benefits

Our company is based in the United Kingdom, which is known for its favourable taxation and numerous tax agreements with both European and international countries. This, combined with our many years of experience, means that business arrangements made through our company as an intermediary can be particularly cost-effective.

The intermediary will issue invoices, collect payment and remit payment in accordance with the terms of the contract. Finally, he will organise the delivery of the services or goods.

The capital can be located in any country (except high-risk countries). Therefore, if you have an international/foreign company, you can outsource your entire invoicing needs to the UK intermediary.

The advantages of formalising commercial agreements through a commercial intermediary agency are:

  • time saving
  • confidentiality
  • economic savings

In particular, cost savings arise from the total absence of accounting and corporate management burdens. Indeed, acting through one’s own independent agency may not be very cost-effective, as well as a considerable drain on one’s energies.

Why trust FidesCorp Limited?

Our group covers a range of services to companies with the utmost professionalism, guaranteed by decades of experience also in the field of incorporating companies abroad.

Our portfolio

FidesCorp Limite also has an extensive client portfolio from different nationalities and jurisdictions.


Our commissions can be either fixed annual fees or in the form of a percentage of the sale. This will be agreed between the two parties before entering into any commercial agreement.

Getting started

Contact us using the form below or by phone on 0044/7985350960.

Please send us your company profile and requirements. One of our specialists will examine your requirements and get back to you as soon as possible.

After an initial briefing, business conditions will be discussed and agreed upon. After signing a commercial agreement between the parties, we will start to act on your behalf.

Alternatively, we are available for a meeting in one of our offices. Our multilingual team will be happy to welcome you to our London office to offer you specific solutions according to your needs.

N.B. All legitimate businesses are considered with the exception of those with high-risk jurisdictions, which will be appropriately assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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