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United Kingdom

The UK is a particularly exciting country for entrepreneurship. Let’s find out why setting up a company in the UK and how GR Morgan Formations can help you with the incorporation process.

United Kingdom

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Company formation in the UK (United Kingdom)

Setting up a company in the UK is a popular option for Italian entrepreneurs wishing to transfer their business abroad or looking for a more stimulating environment to get their new business off the ground.

Official language: English
Currency: British Pound Sterling (£/GBP)
Population: 68.200.000 (2020)
Tax system: Base rate 17%
VAT: 20%
Average salary:  2.250 £

Company incorporation in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, in this post-Brexit political and economic phase, keeps entrepreneurs’ interest in setting up companies across the Channel high. First of all, because of the advantages that the country offers in terms of bureaucratic efficiency, taxation and transparency.

Why the United Kingdom

To date, the Italian community in the United Kingdom has an excellent presence, with 322,000 citizens in 2019 alone and thousands of companies in business. The secret of this success is primarily due to the favourable fiscal and bureaucratic conditions, but also to the short distances, the use of the English language and, last but not least, the prestige linked to it.

Indeed, the UK is one of the most influential countries in the field of entrepreneurship along with Hong Kong and Singapore. It is no coincidence that Forbes in 2018 awarded the country the best country in the world to do business in. Registering an Ltd company in the financial centre of London is unquestionably an excellent starting point for our business.


1. Reputation

The UK is one of the most important international trading and financial centres.

2. Bureaucracy

The English tax system is characterised by a high degree of digitalisation, which allows easy administrative management of companies. All services are available online through portals offered by the state.


Taxation is easy to interpret and differentiated according to the type of incorporation chosen. The most common choice, the Ltd, provides for a taxation of 19%. This is one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe.

Types of companies

Seven types of company can be incorporated in the four jurisdictions and a company can only be incorporated in one of them. However, the business can be carried on and trade in all parts of the UK and abroad. Here are the possible configurations.

Ltd (Limited) Limited liability company
LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) Limited liability partnership
PLC (Public Limited Company) Public Limited company
Holding Limited liability company
Sole trader Sole proprietorship

VAT in the United Kingdom

VAT in the UK is charged at every stage of the service supply chain. If the VATable turnover is over £85,000 the business must register for VAT with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

The standard VAT rate is 20%, while for certain goods and services such as tourism and accommodation the rate is reduced to 5%. A zero rate is applied to exported goods and most food products.

VAT number

Sussiste l’obbligo di registrarsi per la Partita IVA se l’ammontare delle forniture tassabili supera una cifra annuale di £ 85.000. Se sono al di sotto di tale cifra si può richiedere la registrazione volontaria. Ciò consentirebbe di inoltrare la richiesta per il rimborso dell’IVA a monte se la società svolgesse principalmente forniture a tasso zero.

Why rely on Ukincorporation.co.uk?

Ukincorporation.co.uk represents a network of services offered by GR Morgan Formations to the entrepreneur who wishes to take his business abroad or develop a new business.

For over 10 years in the market, the GR Morgan Formations team offers its expertise in terms of international taxation. In addition to setting up companies in the UK and other jurisdictions, it offers a range of services, from a virtual office in London to administration and accounting services, to opening a bank account.

Solutions and prices

LTD incorporation

da 18 £

Holding company incorporation

da 150 €

Branch establishment

da 250 €

LLP incorporation

da 450 €

PLC incorporation

da 670 €

Already established companies

da 1200 €

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