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  • 3-Hour Online Formation
  • Full trading limited company
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  • 3-Hour Online Formation
  • Full trading limited company
  • Appointment of your official
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  • 3-Hour Online Formation
  • Full trading limited company
  • Appointment of your official
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  • Registered office
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Thank you for your assistance with my company in England, everything clear and for a good price.

Date : 04/26/2016
Author : Francisco - Spain

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GR Morgan Formation

Bookkeeping Services in London, UK

Either start-ups or well-established businesses, all companies require to maintain proper records in order to :

BookKeepingBookKeeping Services in London, UK

£ 700.00 / Year

  • Meet their legal obligations with the Companies house and HM Customs and Excise.
  • Have proper control on management of finance and business
  • Ensure good corporate governance

For most new start-up businesses, it is tough to maintain books and accounting. These activities are time consuming and lengthy for such businesses even for those which are quite efficient. Appointing special staff is required which may exceed your company budget. For well-established companies, in-house accounting and bookkeeping are two lengthy tasks. This is the reason why many of them move for outsourcing. Contracting out bookkeeping and accounting requirements always gives sense of economic.

GR MORGAN FORMATIONS offers bookkeeping services to give you relief from the enormous burden. It is specialist in taking care of all the work related to your accounting needs such as preparing annual account. Below is our approach to go through:

Step 1-We first understand your activity and provide you with a free review whether there is any space for improvement of your existing system

Step 2- After that we tailor a program that matches your needs so we will be able to offer the best service and constructive constant advice

Step 3-Once we have for acknowledged the system and the way of reporting, the bookkeeping service is initiated. At that time we may fix the monthly charge per month or charge at a rate of £10 per hour.

Get Quotation for Bookkeeping at a fixed fee per month
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What Software are you using:

Our Bookkeeping services include:

  • Keeping maintenance of your nominal ledgers to trial balance
  • Maintaining your Sales Ledger
  • Maintaining your Purchase ledger
  • Monthly report on Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Maintaining your Cash Books
  • Preparation of Management accounts
  • Bank Reconciliation

GR Morgan is committed to prepare management accounts on time and with high accuracy. It is an essential aspect of our work. Account Management is vital for ongoing success in your activity. Our team experts tailor services and constructive advice after discussing with you. We are even ready to play a more active role for your business by raising invoices and dealing with third parties on your behalf

How does it work?

Working with GR MORGAN FORMATIONS is simple. A few things required to bear in mind to get our quality bookkeeping services.

  • Send us your Paperwork - Make sure to report your paperwork including bank statements, credit card receipts, cash receipts etc… once in a month or more often. Send your paperwork through fax, email, upload or post.
  • We will input your data – as you have transmitted your documents to us, our bookkeeping experts will start working on it, you will be able to see the update as well on your account.
  • Go through your account website or we can send it to your email - We feel better if our client checks their account website on a regular basis to ensure that the accuracy is maintained by us. If they notice any problem we will try our best to fix it as soon as possible (without any costs). We are also able to email you the information.
  • Monthly Management Accounts – We will develop monthly management accounts for you which contains a set of reports so that you can easily examine and print it from the accounting site.
  • Year End Accounts – Yearly account report is sent to you.

To learn more about our bookkeeping service in UK feel free to contact us; click here to find out more about Statutory Accounts and Tax computation.