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Mail forwarding

Mail Forwarding


There are different reasons to choose our mail forwarding services for your business. You may want to carry on your activity from home, wish for a UK presence or plan to change your business location. In any of such situations, considering a Virtual Office Business Address is the ultimate idea for sole-traders, consultants and anyone who wants to make impression among clients. GR Morgan is ready to support you with top quality mail forwarding services. Select one of our central addresses as your business address on all your mail, site, email signature and even on your business cards. We take care of your mails and faxes as we instantly forward and sort them to you, working as an invisible step that makes your clients the feeling that you are a full resident of our premise.

Mail Forwarding

  • Mailing address
  • Receiving business and general correspondence
  • Mails can be forwarded to you as per your instruction

From £200.00/Year


GR MORGAN FORMATIONS is committed to offer some additional personal trade mail forwarding services to provide assistance to small companies and individuals. Our offices are located in prestigious areas. Our dedicated team of members keep your mail private and forward it as your desired location.

  • Select any of our respected EC and SE13 mailing addresses
  • All your general and routine business correspondence are received at our business address
  • Mail is forwarded to you as per your direction as weekly, monthly or daily to your specified location or scanned and emailed to you

Key Advantages:

  • Affordable Mail forwarding service
  • Able to make your image professional
  • Give you the opportunity to deal with big companies
  • Chance to establish your occupation to other countries or areas
  • Dramatically reduces the costs of operations of your company
  • There are no hidden charges
  • Display your virtual office address on your business stationery
  • We deal with your packages and parcels

If it sounds that it is the type of mail forwarding services that meets your needs, go through our yearly packages and feel free to contact us to find out more.