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Relocation Services

Many organisations are currently relocating and rearranging their activities. We have a wide network of local specialists who can assist and make any relocation easy and simple. Whether you are looking to relocate your business or personal relocation, we have the necessary resources to guide and assistyou.

Head Office/Business relocation

We will help you finding the premises for your offices and assist with house hunting for your staff.

We have been helping our client to relocate their businesses for the past 10 years.

  • Setting up your business : complete package and fully operational including incorporation, bank account and fully accountancy services
  • Finding offices and ensuring your comply with the local authority
  • Full guidance on every step of the way to ensure that you are fully settle in your new environmentRecruiting employees
  • Drafting employment contract
  • Guiding on employment packages
  • Setting up your office IT infrastructure

If you are relocating in jurisdictions where there are visa requirement, we will assist with visa application for you and your staff via our local agents.

Staff relocation services:

  • Organise your staff visa, if any
  • Helping them to find an apartment or house
  • Helping them to open their personal bank accounts

See further information below for personal relocation.

Setting up a company abroad for relocation

If you are setting your company in another country and need assistance for a new corporate structure, our team will assist you with our corporate services such as the creation of your companies, administration of the companies, compliance, accountancy services etc. We can set up your company is several jurisdiction worldwide. For more information, please contact us.

Personal Relocation

If you are looking relocation services for youand your family, we can assist you in house hunting and provide you with information about the best locations to live depending on your requirements.
If you are moving to a country with Visa requirement, our local agent/lawyers will be able to assist you accordingly.

If you are moving to the UK, we will can assist you as follows:

1.House Hunting for your perfect location

  • Guiding on tenancy contract
  • Guiding on applying for utilities when you receive the key to your home i.e electricity & gas connection, internet connection etc

2. Setting up your UK Limited company if you wish to set up your own business

  • Guiding on the best structure for your business
  • Applying for any necessary license to trade (if required)
  • Looking for offices and employees
  • Providing corporate administration and accountancy services for your company

3. On your arrival :

  • Apply for your national insurance number and booking your appointment with the job centre
  • Informing HMRC about your arrival in the UK (for tax matters )
  • Guiding you in regards to health facilities example Registration at a local doctor
  • Connecting you with a broker for health insurance
  • Assisting you in opening a bank account

Once you are settled, we will still be in touch in you require any information or need any help.
In certain countries for example UK and Mauritius , we will provide you and your family with a concierge service from day 1.

We provide relocation services in popular places such as Dubai, Mauritius , UK and Panama.

What to expect from us?

We have a wide range of specialists in all parts of the world.
We aim to provide you with a one stop shop solution in collaboration with local accountants, lawyers and other professionals.
As part of our services, we provide 30 minutes free consultation on company set up worldwide.