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UK Agency

FidesCorp Limited your local UK Agent for International trading and Consultancy business

Our agency company  , FidesCorp Limited which part of our group , can be contracted to act as your agent/intermediary for your international sales. This is huge advantage for all size of businesses since not all jurisdictions/countries have the same business culture. If you have a company in an international jurisdiction which is not recognised by a country in which you want to trade, it becomes a hefty task due to the bureaucracy involved or even the disadvantage of having tax withheld at source.

How it works and its benefits

You will enter a commercial agreement with us as your intermediary.We are a UK based company and will make the sales on your behalf (principal). Being a UK based intermediary, you will benefit when doing business with many countries all over the world , particularly with European countries, due to the wide network of tax treaties. The intermediary will issue the invoices, collect the payment and remit the payment to the principle as per the contract terms. The principal arranges/organises for the delivery of the services or goods.

The principal may be based in any country (excluding high risk countries). So, if you have an international company/overseas company, you can outsource your entire invoicing requirement to the UK imtermediary.

Contracting an intermediary is an inexpensive option, as opposed to having your own independent agency acting for a principal, since there is no accountancy burden nor company maintenance service bill. 

The privacy and confidentially of the principal is protected by the intermediary/agent.

Our portfolio & fees

We have a big portfolio of clients with a wide range of activities. We will consider all legitimate businesses except those from high risk jurisdiction where we will consider them on a case to case basis.

Our fees may be a fixed yearly fees or a percentage of your sale. This will be agreed by the two parties before we enter into any commercial agreement.

How to start

You will send your business profile and requirements. One of our specialist will review your requirements and get in touch with you. The conditions of trade will be discussed and agreed. After signing a commercial agreement, we can start acting your behalf.

Alternatively , we can also have a face to face meeting in one of our offices. We have a multi lingual team in our London office to assist you . We are also available on whatstaps.

Contact us atInfo(a)vagrouplimited.com or 0044 7985350960.